Monday, May 27, 2024

42 Stories Anthology Presents: Suzanne Baginskie Interview


Suzanne Baginskie won the Runner-Up Award Winner in the Thriller/Suspense Chapter for


BAM: Hi Suzanne, what are your nom de plums in the anthology? 

SuzanneSusan Baginskie, S. A. Baginskie, Sue Baginskie.

BAM: Where are you located?

Suzanne: Hudson, Florida, U.S.A.

BAM: Where is your writing space? 

Suzanne: I write in a small home office on a roll-topped desk.


BAM: Let's start with some questions about you. Could you tell me what favorite film is?

Suzanne: Film, The Wizard of Oz

BAM: I've heard it was all a dream. What's your preferred drink before writing?

SuzanneFrench Vanilla Coffee

BAM: Yummy. What's your favorite band? BAM: 

SuzanneThe Rolling Stones.

BAM: They're great. What's your favorite thing to do on vacation?

SuzanneI also love cruising the islands

BAM: My fiancée and I went island hopping ing the Philippines in 2023. It was amazing. Let's talk about your writing now. So, what got you into writing?

Suzanne: My mother gave me a five-year diary.

BAM: A good gift. What's your greatest achievement in writing?

Suzanne: My four book, traditionally published, FBI Affairs Series.


BAM: That's on my reading list. Thanks for the reminder. 



Suzanne Baginskie retired from a law firm as an office manager. She’s sold mysteries and

romance and also twenty non-fiction stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her work

appears in Woman’s World, Plan B Magazine, First Magazine and Cat Magazine, etc.


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