Saturday, January 20, 2024

Happy 2024

Happy New Year!

 The year ended with an engagement to my fiancée. We're planning on getting married March 2025. By then, I'll be 42. To celebrate our future plans, we had some fun adventures, which I'll share with you. 

For starters, we went to Meoto Iwa (picture shown above), which means "Wedded Rock." It's near Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture of Japan. Ise Shrine is technically three shrines spread across Ise City, and the largest shrine in Japan. 

For years, locals have gone to Meoto Iwa to confess their love for each other. People weren't very vocal when my fiancée, Eva, was taking pictures with her ring, but she said that a lot of eyes brightened, and women smiled her way. 

Our next adventure was a Bruno Mars concert in Tokyo Dome. 

First, I wanted to take Eva to a place called Ice Cream Paradise, where they let people order six scoops of different flavors as a meal. The menu online was quite interesting. 

They were said to have been one of the best ice creameries in the world. It's my fiancée's favorite food, so of course, we were going to go. Eva was skeptical they were still around, as there was no recent news about them. 

Although Eva was right, and the ice creamery was gone, a dumpling food court was there along with a normal ice cream stand. 

However, Ice Cream Paradise is no more.

On the bright side, Bruno Mars puts on a great performance. 

The next day, Eva reminded me that months ago I had mentioned wanting to hit up a famous Starbucks in Tokyo called Reserve Roastery. Amazing how she remembered me saying that once. 

It was really packed in there, but worth the visit. 

We continued our celebrations into my birthday on the 19th.
The restaurant that took the reservation was in Osaka, called Craft Beer Café Imazato. 

The owner made five Chicago pizzas for my friends and me.

The restaurant had a good stout, too. 
Eva topped off the night by making my favorite pie, pecan. A perfect dessert to end the evening.

(The Wish)

So far, 2024 has been great. 

Regarding the Book of 42 Presents: 42 Stories Anthology. As stated, the book will come out this year, likely toward the end of it. We're in the publication stage. 

Please don't request any sudden changes unless they are unavoidable. 

Note: TinyLetter is shutting down. 

TinyLetter asked if I wanted to convert subscribers to MailChimp, where they charge money. 
Rather, I will send mass emails to people who subscribed in the past once the book is released. 
If you have a story in the anthology, you should have received emails from me already. 

The most recent email was about bios needing to be updated. 

All the best to you and yours this year.
Remember to remember . . .
   ~42 Stories Anthology Team