Tuesday, July 3, 2018

42 Stories Anthology

Calls for submissions:
42-Word Story Anthology
An anthology of 42 categories of 42 42-word microfiction stories. Edit: 42 art pieces, one per category. 

That's potentially 1,764 authors in one book. 

There will be a category on the craft of writing, featuring special guest authors. Other categories are listed below.

No poetry. There is no nonfiction category. However, a story based on nonfiction or a poetic prose piece are acceptable. All submissions must contain a beginning, middle, and end. 

Please share this call and submit your writing. 

Deadline: December 2019 or until filled.
Release date: TBA

Word count: 42 words does not include the title. However, I’m going to ask all potential acceptances to try and make the title 42 characters (note: this is not required). DO NOT make the title 42 words. It happened once.

Use this counter:

Use the link below to format your work, however, you do not have to write your word count at the top to avoid redundancy.

Submission guidelines: 
Email subject: 42SUB_Category_AUTHOR INITIALS
Example: 42SUB_SF_DNA

Note: You can abbreviate the genre and if you don’t think I’ll figure out what your abbreviation stands for, let me know in your letter below. Example:

Dear BAM,

My SF: Science Fiction, “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in 42-Words,” is below. 

(Limit your cover letter to two or three lines).

Include a 42-word, third person bio below your cover letter. 

No attachments.

Include your story in the email under your bio.

Your story: 42-words of anything, (except erotica), with a beginning, middle, and end. Choose from the categories below. Any story that's well-written has a chance of acceptance. We'll find a category for your story if you cannot. 


Payment: Name recognition. Winners of the Story of Excellence in their genre will receive the award and a small payment detailed below. We are also looking into a "token payment" possibility. At this time, the project cannot afford to pay everyone. 

This anthology will be posted on Amazon.com and other platforms. 

Awards: Each category will have a competition for a 42-Word Story of Excellence Award in genre. Winners will win 42 cents and have the option to donate the money anonymously to a charity, or keep the change.

Bonus: Money earned for book sales will pay for anthology expenses such as editing and beta reads. We're also donating a token payment of sales to charity.

Rule: Check your work. Your story is very likely to be rejected if you have typos, grammar, or syntax issues. Failure to adhere to the guidelines above will result in a rejected story and a pissed off author. It’s easy to have a grammar-loving friend read the piece as a second pair of eyes.

Response time: December 2018 to be updated. If you're worried your story wasn't received, send an email subject: 42 Query.


First serial rights. They revert back to the author one year after publication.

Nothing that's been published anywhere.

Submit up to four stories per submission but wait until you receive a reply to send more. Due to so many categories, please send multiple submissions separately. It's okay if you forget. NOTE: The goal is to publish 1,764 writers. There's a high possibility we will choose only one of your submissions. 

No simultaneous submissions. 

42 categories:

  1. Aliens
       2. Apocalyptic
       3. Bad or good parent
       4. Bad or good sibling or evil twin

       6. Culture
       7. Crime Fiction
       8. Escape or disaster

      9. Fairy Tale

      10. Fantasy

      11. Fight

      12. Gothic

      13. Horror

      14. Humor

      15. Impairment

      16. Indigenous American

      17. Killer clown

      18. Kidnapped

      19. Monster

      20. Mystery

      21. Mythopoeia 

      22. Noir (nothing before 1970)

      23. Oddball category (example: kid finds a dead body)

      24. Outer space

      25. Paranormal

      26. Paranormal romance

      27. Rock ‘n’ roll 

      28. Romance

      29. Satire

      30. Science fiction

      31. Steam Punk

      32. Sword

      33. Sword and Sorcery

      34. Thriller / Suspense

      35. Tragedy

      36. Trapped

      37. Travel story

      38. Vampire

      39. War 

      40. Western

      41. Werewolves

      42. Zombie

All entries will be automatically subscribed to BAM Writes' email updates. It's easy to unsubscribe. But this will keep you informed of the project's progress.

If you are a cover and logo artist, I am also taking submissions for a book cover, front and back and 42 chapter images as well as a logo. 
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