Saturday, February 8, 2020

Anthology Numbers

Greetings writers!

UPDATED June 3, 2021

We've received a number of emails from excited writers asking, “When will the anthology come out?” We will no longer be able to answer related questions, as this blog has the answer. 

The answer is: When we have accepted the number of stories we need (1,764), we’ll be able to publish the book.

Although we are seeking a lot of stories, we want high quality works. 

If you’d like to speed up the release date, help us reach our goal by spreading the word and getting your writer friends to submit a story.

We accept up to 4 stories from one writer. However, we really only want to publish one story per writer. For time sake, this is unrealistic, so multi-submissions are okay. If you do send more than one story, you are encouraged to submit your works to different categories, but you’ll need to use a unique name.

Below are the number of stories we’ve added to the book so far and in parenthesis are how many we need:

Alternate Reality: 26 (16)
Apocalyptic: 37 (5)
Clown: 30 (12)
Craft of Writing: No unsolicited submissions accepted. Invitations will be emailed. 
Crime: 42 
Culture: 42 
Dystopia & Utopia: 29 (13)
Escape: 42
Fairy Tale: 42
Fantasy: 32 (10)
Fight: 41 (No more submissions)
Hitchhiker's Guide to History: 24 (18)
Horror: 42
Humor: 42
Impairment: 42
Indigenous: 12 (30)
Macabre & Morbid: 42 
Monster: 37 (5)
Mystery: 14 (28)
Myth: 18 (24)
Noir: 21 (21)
Oddball: 42 
Outer Space: 30 (12)
Paranormal: 42 
Parent: 42
Poetic Prose: 42
Romance: 42
Satire: 28 (14)
Science Fiction: 42
Siblings: 31 (11)
Sports: 15 (27)
Steampunk: 15 (27)
Sword & Sorcery: 19 (23)
Thriller & Suspense: 30 (12)
Tragedy: 42
Trapped: 42
Travel: 42
Vampire: 36 (6)
War: 35 (7)
Werewolf: 21 (21)
Western: 27 (15)
Zombie: 24 (18)


  1. Has my story been rejected? I would be more than happy to see my story in your book.

    1. Hello. This comment gives no information about you. If you're unsure about a submission, please send an email to with your Re: story's subject line and title information. Have a good one.

    2. I have the same question and have done what you suggested. Thank you

  2. When the anthology is published, do each of us get a free contributor's copy?

    1. I'm trying to think of a way to do this and will touch on the question is a Q&A blog.

  3. Do the numbers above include the 200 acceptance not confirmed? I'm counting maybe ... 776 or so acceptances, then, or a little under half?

  4. I don't mind the post's picture as a concept for the cover πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ€”is it?(earth calling)

  5. Hi Not Just The Cake Lady.
    Above in this blog post is a count for each category. If you are viewing on mobile I would instead suggest to view the page on a computer instead to better see the counts until we reach 42 stories in each of the 42 different categories.

  6. If we submitted in March and haven't heard yet, is is safe to assume you haven't gotten to it yet?

    1. Hello. Your story was received March 20, 2021. It takes 6 months or more for a reply. We try to be faster, but it isn't always possible. Cheers.

  7. Sorry, I forgot. I just got so excited seeing the closed sections and was worried mine would fill up before you saw it. 😁