Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Emperor's New Clothes

When I was a kid, I realized something about a story called
The Emperor's New Clothes.

The moral was enlightening; very simple too.

You shouldn't help mean assholes.

Yes, while everyone remembers the little kid who shouted, "He's naked!" no one ever considered everyone else remaining silent.

No one told the emperor he was naked because:

He was arrogant and might have killed them.

The kid was probably safe, because most people won't kill children, at least in stories written by Hans Christian Andersen.

I think about this when someone upsets me. If I tell the person something like, "You're an asshole," I'm actually suggesting they become a better person and am giving them advice to improve upon themselves.


Why would you give advice to someone you don't like? Sure, some people in this world better themselves even through hearing another person curse at them. What if you called someone who rejected you a bad name, the person thought about it, improved themselves, and then was better to the next person and got married? You helped someone you resented. 

This should bother any sane person. You shouldn't help people who wrong you. It's mentally draining. 

It's wonderful to help others.

Like the emperor, individuals exist who are arrogant and won't change their metaphoric clothes. Instead, they'll remain naked (ignorant) no matter what you say, or they'll not recognize anything you did and you'll be left angry, hurt, and resentful.

Sometimes it's best to say nothing like the crowd in the story. Leave a situation and surround yourself among positive people you can grow from. Forget the emperors of the world who demean and annoy you. Never help them, because it will drain you into exhaustion, hence the metaphor the emperor will have the person executed for helping him.

Mentor those who deserve your attention.

Don't help assholes.

You might make them a better person, but screw them. Better yourself and those you care about instead.

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