Friday, March 1, 2024

Project 42 Anthology Update


Some awaiting the 42 Stories Anthology publication are unaware of a certain fact. In 2018, when I launched the project, I made a vow to not write any new stories until the anthology was published. This was to motivate me to get the book finished. 

My goal for the anthology has been to help other writers, so I wasn't going to focus anytime on my own work. Aside from academic writing obligations, I have kept my promise. All of my publications since 2018 have been work that I wrote prior to the project. There was one story that I had to edit due to it needing to be updated at the publisher's request. Nothing else.

This means that I am as eager for the anthology to get published as anyone else. We're still looking toward a 2024 release, luckily. 

Keep your eyes open for more announcements. 

Have a great spring. 

   Remember to remember . . .