Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Project 42 Stories Anthology Guidelines


The theme of this anthology is to have 1,764 stories by 1,764 writers of different names, which is 42 x 42 by 42 x 42 writers. Multi-subs are okay as long as you use a pen name for each story (max of 4 stories per writer). If you have to ask why the need of a pen name, kindly reread the first sentence again.


Story rules:

Each story needs a title with approximately 42 characters (between 40 and 44).

All stories need to be exactly 42 words.

All bios are in 3rd person and exactly 42 words long.

Use this site: https://convertcase.net/

Note: Hyphens count as a word as do ellipsis so be careful.


The subject line of an email should include 42subs, the category, and your initials. Examples:



Your middle initial will help differentiate you from others. There are 42 categories, and the subject line helps us know which category’s readers to send your work to, so please remember this part.


Each chapter has a cover. All of the covers have been selected except for the Crime, Fight, and

book cover. If you are interested in drawing one, email me: 42anthologysubs@gmail.com


The publication date is TBA, but once published, a token amount will be donated to United Through Reading. Also, the 42 chapters have a Story of Excellence Award. Award winners receive:


$0.42, which can be added to the anthology charity.

Story podcasts and read on YouTube by the author or possibly an actor

A 42 Anthology Story of Excellence certificate

Writing the introduction to their chapter

Possibly more


We need about 300 stories to reach our goal. Please send us something for consideration. Keep the guidelines in mind.


Pay: This anthology will come out in all possible formats. Unfortunately, payment for all authors cannot be guaranteed. At this time, we have no plan to pay authors aside from award winners mentioned and authors of the Craft of Writing category. We will, however, consider paying authors if it is possible.


When you send us a story, you agree to the terms of the anthology and to your work being published in the Project 42 Stories Anthology. The terms and submission link are here:


Or just go through Submittable:


42 Stories Anthology: Craft of Writing

In short:

Craft of Writing details: If you have won any prestigious awards in writing, or are a publisher, agent, or editor and do not have stories in the anthology already, you can send the following for our consideration with the subject line: Craft of Writing and send Exactly 42 words describing the craft of writing in respect to inspiring writers. Your 42-word 3rd person bio Persons in this chapter will receive $42 and act as guest judges for the Best Of piece for one of the other 41 categories, which is approximately 25 pages double spaced of reading. (38 craft of writing entries needed)

Long story long:

42 Stories Anthology is a book of 42 chapters of 42 genres. Each story has a title of approximately 42 characters (between 40 and 44), a story of exactly 42 words, and a 3rd person 42-word bio. Not to mention that the theme is to have 1,764 names in it, which is 42X42. The aim of the book is to publish tons of writers and encourage them along the way. We will also give a portion of the anthology's profits to United Through Reading upon publication.

The Craft of Writing category is a unique chapter of 42-word interviews from 42 writers who stand out from the rest.

There is one interview topic to answer:
"Tell us about the craft of writing in 42 words."
Then write a 42-word 3rd person bio.
Requirements to submit:
No stories currently accepted in the 42 Stories Anthology (unless you withdraw them).
You have won in an established writing contest such as:
  • The Bridport Prize
  • Bristol Short Story Prize
  • Pushcart Prize
  • National Poetry Competition
  • The First Novel Prize
  • Flash 500 prize
  • Bath Novel Writing Prize
  • Emily Dickinson First Book Award
  • PEN/Faulkner Award For Fiction
  • Writers of the Future Contest
  • Or a related prize
Or your story was a best seller anywhere excluding Amazon.

What do you get?
- Special guest judge for one of the other 41 categories. The guest judge reads 42 stories of 42 words and selects the piece for the Story of Excellence Award.
- Highlighted as a special guest writer in the anthology.
- Your interview in the Craft of Writing chapter.
- If it fits, your name will be on the back cover of the book.
- Payment of $42 USD

How to submit:
Email 42anthologysubs@gmail.com 
In the email:
CL should mention what contest you won and a link to your story (so we can become your newest fan).
Write about the craft of writing in 42 words.
Write a 42-word 3rd person bio.

You can also submit this here:

Q & A for the Craft of Writing:

For writers: What would you classify as a "prestigious award in writing"? Would the award be limited to stories, or would awards for plays be acceptable? 

Answer: It's fine to send a submission and see if we accept it for the Craft of Writing, but the list we use of "prestigious award in writing" is below. However, we realize that "prestigious writing" is subjective and this part is flexible to us:


You have won in an established writing contest such as what is listed above.

For editors: Would editors who work for publications that do not pay pro rates be acceptable?

Answer: It's fine to send something and see if we decide to use the submission for the Craft of Writing, but for editors we're looking for people you can search online for and see a Wikipedia page on such as David Remnick, and if Remnick is reading this, we hope you'll send something. The chapter is to inspire authors and who better to do that than editors (and agents) writers have heard of.


For publishers: Would publishers who are involved in vanity press and/or press that does not play pro rates be acceptable?

Answer: We are looking for publishers who actively help writers and will highlight that in their 42-word bio. This isn't just including publishers, but writers as well who will highlight how they help other authors in their 42-word bios.