Tuesday, July 3, 2018

42 Stories Anthology

Call for submissions:

42 Stories Anthology
An anthology of 
42 categories 
42 selected works (per chapter) of 42-word microfiction stories (1,764 total)
42 art pieces, one per chapter. 

All submissions must contain a beginning, middle, and end. AFTER SUBMITTING, CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS FOR EMAILS FROM THE EDITOR.
There are five guidelines:
1) Label the subject line 42subs_Category_Initials Example: 42SUB_PoetryProse_Bam

The example shows that semantics don't matter here. Just label it kind of right
and you're good.

2) The title needs to be, read this carefully please, 42 characters long including spaces. Use wordcounter.net and make sure you did it correctly. Please write the title in all CAPS. We won't reject a story if you forget the latter, but it really helps us save time when we add stories into the anthology draft.

3) Write a story of exactly 42 words.

4) Write a bio exactly 42 words long in third person. It is suggested that you make this timeless. You never know what year someone will read your story. Bios in general are better read this way. Here's a short blog on writing a bio if you need help.

5) If you are submitting more than one story (four max can be accepted and submitted), none of them can have the same name. You can submit up to four works. Your bio has to include your pen name, not your real name. The anthology aims to have 1,764 names in it. If you don't like this rule, only submit one story.
Example of pen names:
Story 1 by B. A. Mullin
Story 2 by Bam
Story 3 by B. Allan Mullin
Story 4 by Devilsthrill

Note: We don't want multi-submissions and are compromising by letting writers send us 4 with pen names for consideration. If you try and sneak your real name into your bio, that's not a pen name. We will consider this not following guidelines and possibly reject your story for disregarding the rules.

Below is an example of how we like our stories formatted at the bottom. Please read it.

No simultaneous submissions. No attachments. NO ENTRY FEE.
Send: Nothing that's been published anywhere. No Erotica. No Animal Abuse.

Payment: Most of the money earned from book sales will pay for anthology expenses such as editing, art, beta reads, and advertising. The book will be published on Amazon.com and other platforms. Therefore, we cannot afford to pay every writer in the project as of now, but we are open to the option as a possibility in the future.

Every category (chapter) will have a Story of Excellence Award selected by a guest judge.

Winners receive:

1) Either $0.42 payment or the option to donate the money to a pot that will go to United Through Reading.

2) Their story read (by themselves or a friend) on YouTube with all 42 selected Story of Excellence Award winners.

3) An award certificate signed by the compiler of the 42 Stories Anthology.

4) A blog, email, and media spot with other winners that will be read by 5,000 subscribers.

5) Writing the introduction to the chapter their story won the award in and their name on the first page of that category as the Story of Excellence Award winner.

6) Possibly more.

Upon acceptance of your work, you grant the 42 Stories Anthology and staff first serial rights to your original work submitted. Rights revert back to you the author one year after publication. If your work is that of plagiarism, you agree to take full responsibility legally and otherwise for work you have claimed is originally yours.
Moreover, by submitting a story, you agree that we can reformat and make punctuation changes without your prior consent. If the story is formatted a specific way that you prefer, let us know in your cover letter. However, we will contact you if we want to change any of the words.

Do not withdraw or re-submit your submission if you made a mistake. Rather send us an email: 42anthologysubs@gmail.com

Read the submission instructions above closely before submitting.
A mistake might result in your submission going unread and rejected.

Submission details:
Subject has: 42SUB_Category_AUTHOR INITIALS
Example subject line: 42SUB_SF_DNA
Specifics of your story that goes into the body of the email:
by Your Writer Name

Your story here

Your 42-WORD 3RD-PERSON Bio Here

Example submission is below


Alternate Reality & Alternate History (Named the former)



Craft of Writing: No unsolicited submissions accepted. Invitations will be emailed.


Culture: Filled-No More Submissions

Dystopia & Utopia

Escape: Filled-No More Submissions

Fairy Tale


Whether your story is about fighting someone or sickness, it works here.

Hitchhiker's Guide to History
This is creative non-fiction and historical fiction. Alternate History is welcomed, but there is also an Alternate Reality category for that. Both are okay for fictional history.

Horror: Filled-No More Submissions

Humor: Filled-No More Submissions

Includes drug addiction

Inspired by Sherman Alexie's writing.

Macabre & Morbid: Filled-No More Submissions

Of all kinds




Oddball: Filled-No More Submissions

Outer Space


Parent: Filled-No More Submissions

Poetic Prose: Filled-No More Submissions

Romance: Filled-No More Submissions


Science Fiction: Filled-No More Submissions




Sword & Sorcery

Thriller & Suspense

Tragedy: Filled-No More Submissions

Trapped: Filled-No More Submissions







Categories with few submissions are subject to alterations.
Recent prompts for categories here
Stories submitted to filled categories are subject to rejection or category change.

Please refrain from asking about the release date or deadline. Related questions will no longer be answered. You can find a helpful Q & A here: https://bamwrites.blogspot.com/2020/06/42-anthology-charity-announced.html

            Sample submission:

               Subject line: 42Subs_Clown_EAJ

           Hello. My name is Eval Jaeger. Perhaps you've never heard of me? Email: eaj@eaj.com. This story would fit into your clown or monster categories. Thank you. 

        Story typed in the body of the email:

Details about the story above: 
   Courier New Font, Size 12
   Title centered, all caps around 42 characters
   including spaces using wordcounter.net
   “by,” lowercase and the name is in bold
   Enter is hit once between the name and story
   The story is exactly 42 words
   Enter clicked twice, then bio is centered.
   In the 3rd person 42-word bio, only B in “Bio” is uppercase and the word is bold.

Submit your story through Submittable



Send any questions to that email as well.                                       
All entries will be automatically subscribed to BAM Writes' email updates. It's easy to unsubscribe. But the subscription will keep you informed of the project's progress.

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