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42 Stories Anthology Presents: Renee Cronley Interview


Renee Cronley won an Honourable Mention Award in the Siblings chapter for 


BAM: Where are you located, Renee? 

Renee: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

BAM: Where do you write? Do you have a preferred space?

ReneeWherever I can! I love writing outdoors (weather permitting, of course.)


BAM: Who are some of your favorite authors? 

Renee: My love for literature spans across different eras and genres. Authors like Margaret Mitchell, L. M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, Marissa Meyer, Oscar Wilde, Anne Rice, and Stephen King are some of my favourites. And I will always have a soft spot for the authors that inspired me to want to be a writer, such as L. J. Smith, R. L. Stine, and Christopher Pike.  


BAM: I asked Stephen King if he wanted to be a judge for this anthology. His assistant replied, "Mr. King doesn't give advice." So, the writer doesn't seem to read emails. Interestingly, in his book On Writing, he says that if a writer ever has advice, they should email him. I was put off by that experience to say the least, but he's still one of the best living writers. You named some other greats. What about art? Are there any artists whose work you particularly admire?

Renee: In my childhood, my mom’s books and the beautifully illustrated vintage calendars served as my gateway into the enchanting world of classical Renaissance art. Among my favorites are renowned artists such as Masaccio, Donatello, Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, and Agnolo Bronzino. 


BAM: You named the Ninja Turtles along with a few others. They're all talented. Let's turn to music. Who are some of your favorite musicians that you enjoy listening to?

Renee: My musical preferences were heavily influenced by the alternative rock era of the 90s. Bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, and The Smashing Pumpkins dominate my favorites list. Additionally, I have a strong affinity for 80s classic rock, including Def Leppard, ACDC, Guns and Roses, Joan Jett, and Metallica.


BAM: Cool. Most of the ones you mentioned are often my choices for workout music. What are a few of your preferred sweet treats?

Renee: When it comes to indulging in something sweet, the allure of candy has always been stronger for me than baked goods. My favourites are purple licorice, Laffy Taffy, Caribbean Tropical Fish, Sour Grape Slices, Swedish Berries, Swedish Fish, Red Dino Sours, Wine Gums, Fuzzy Peaches, and Sour Cherry Blasters.


BAM: Quite a sweettooth. For novice writers, how do you handle story rejection, and celebrate acceptance?

ReneeI dedicated significant time and effort to understanding the submission process when I first began sending out my work. In doing so, I realized just how common rejection was, so I was prepared for it. Upon learning about rejections, I realized that there are multiple factors at play, such as not matching the market, competing with similar stories, not appealing to their taste, being the wrong length, not following guidelines, etc. I learned that none of these rejections should be taken personally, as there are numerous places to find a home for a piece. Of course, I can still feel a pang of disappointment when I receive an initial rejection, but I quickly move on. I have an online writers’ group where I share my victories and vent about my disappointments. The presence of fellow writers who truly grasp the range of emotions tied to both victories and rejections is incredibly significant to me.


BAM: A great way to look at rejection. If you could inspire thousands of writers in 42 words, what would you write?

ReneeDon’t fall into the trap of thinking that reading fiction doesn’t teach anyone anything. Fiction allows us to form emotional attachments to characters unlike ourselves and navigate the world through their perspective. This, in turn, fosters empathy and cultivates critical thinking skills.



Renee Cronley is a writer who studied psychology and English at Brandon University and nursing at Assiniboine Community College.  Having stepped away from nursing to prioritize her children, she’s been channeling her knowledge and experiences into a poetry book about nursing burnout.


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