Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Down to the Final Five


The 42 Stories Anthology is down to the five Craft of Writing entries to reach the 1,764 mark. These five entrants will receive $42 (or they can have it donated to a charity pot for United Through Reading), answer an interview question in 42 words (details here:, and select the winning stories for one of the following chapters in the book:






While we try to find the final five, I'd like to mention something about spam folders. 

It's good to check them twice a month (minimum). Before being so busy, I used to submit stories, too, and found not one, or two, but several acceptance emails in my spam folder during that time. Now Google has added new folders, which are the Social and Promotions folders. They're useful, but you might miss an important email because none of these messages reach you unless you go to the folder. That said, the Story of Excellence Winners for the following chapters are:

Apocalyptic Winner: Kate Gaston

Clown Winner: John Porcino 

Crime Winner: Tom Barker

Culture Winner: K. A. Kern

Dystopia/Utopia Winner: Râna Campbell

Escape Winner: Matt Patrick

Fantasy Winner: Billy J. Forshaw

Fight Winner: Daniel Getzoff

Hitchhiker's Guide to History Winner: Adah Marie Guy

Horror Winner: Michael Fagan

Humor Winner: Evie Groch

Indigenous Winner: Sophia Moore

Macabre & Morbid Winner: Kim Hart

Monster Winner: Suann Amero

Mystery Winner: Antonella Piemontese

oDDbALL Winner: Miriam Thor

Outer Space Winner: Elaina Hampson

Parents Winner: Gina Burgess

Poetic Prose Winner: David K. Slay

Romance Winner: Michael Gigandet

Satire Winner: Elizabeth Andrews

Siblings Winner: Trey Stone

Steampunk Winner: Chrisropher Airiau

Thriller/Suspense Winner: Rob Nisbet

Tragedy Winner: Debbie Wingate

Travel Winner: Barbara Meyrowitz

There will be a special blog spot for each chapter where the winners answer interview questions around December. If you have time, look up the winners, as they're very talented authors. Any winners mentioned above, contact the anthology team if you didn't receive an email announcement.

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