Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ten Things That You Should Know

“TTTYSK” or “Ten Things That You Should Know” was a weekly blog I wrote on myspace.com in 2006 under the alias “Devilsthirll.”
Note: “Devilsthrill” is in homage to a song I was listening to called, “The Devil’s Trill” the first time I started writing a story and blended with the name of one of my favorite songs, “The Thriller.” But the name in itself was initially a typo, and it stuck.
When I wrote “Ten Things That You Should Know,” it was before everyone and their cat had a blog. That’s partly why “TTTYSK” reached over 50,000 weekly readers, and was usually the #3 read blog on Myspace.
A few readers swore they saw the blog hit #1 a few times. I retired from writing “TTTYSK” ending at weekly issue #136, and stopped writing the column by the same name with Chill Magazine, LLC, in 2008 to work on other projects.

There’s always a chance I could come up with a book of fun fact based antics. For now you can catch similar humor to “TTTYSK." 
ONE: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” –Abraham Lincoln. My favorite quote by him. Lincoln also said to not take everything you read on the Internet seriously. That one’s important, too.

TWO: Sound studies have shown that cats hear better than dogs, thus your house cat is lazy, not deaf.

THREE: Psychologists say that boredom is a symptom of selfishness. This means about 99% of Americans are selfish. A shocker, huh?

FOUR: In the Hebrew and the Greek language, Gandhi originally noted there were three words for love. “Eros:” romantic love. “Philios:” affection between friends or man and woman. “Agape:” which is the “understanding, redeeming good will for all men,” meaning neighborly love. I was surprised there wasn’t a fourth love: “Chocolatetos.” The love for, well, chocolate.

FIVE: One of my fvarotie polepe pestod a bluliten siyang taht samrt polepe can raed tihs as lnog as the fsrit and lsat lteetr rmaien wrehe tehy nrolmaly are. Yuor eeys and biran are wrnoikg tehgoter aiudsjtng the wrdos wilhe you raed. Cool, huh?

SIX: English is the hardest language to learn. It has so many rules even the English have to take courses in it.

SEVEN: A single word can rune a sentence. I read that in an ancient crypt.

EIGHT: In a story, when two characters are arguing, it is the writer arguing within.

NINE: The saying actions speak louder than words isn’t true. Actions don’t speak!

TEN: There are no stupid questions, just stupid people. Reading makes you smarter, so don’t be stupid, pick up a book.

Until Next Time, Remember to Remember…

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