Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fire Station Madness

Sometimes on my days off I like to rest. It usually irks me how the firemen, whose station is five feet from my house, are always noisy as hell. Not just a little loud. They yell commands at each other all-day long at the top of their lungs, use these infuriating whistles and megaphones to communicate, etc.

[That's the station right outside of my house.]

It's like an opera of shrilling for hours. I've been bothered by this for about a year. I started to suspect that I had Misophonia: it's when you get pissed off to a point near violence over random sounds around you such as the repeated clicking of a pen. 
Ball Pen, Biro, Pen, Black, Write, Author, Writing
Anger, Angry, Bad, Isolated, Dangerous, Emotion, Evil

And there's nothing I could do about this issue because this is how firemen train in Japan. 

So, I've put up with the problem and been silently angry.
Angry, Face, Emoticon, Animations, Green, Expression

Minutes ago, the fire alarm was going off. I live in an old three-story hotel renovated into a huge house. Imagine how loud that had to be. Ringing on every floor. 

Alarm, Alert, Sign, Fire, Red, Icon, Emergency, Arrow

The solution: I walked outside and waved my arms at the firemen. The team marched inside to check the house.

They thoroughly searched and told one of my share mates that a detector caught a whiff of smoke. They didn't know which one. But they're right outside in case there's a problem.

Future reference, instead of getting angry about those fire dudes training outside, I'll learn to appreciate them more.

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