Tuesday, December 8, 2020

42 Stories Anthology Reading Periods


Some of you are probably wondering why compiling the anthology is taking so long. 

The process has been long: I launched the project July 2018 and it's now December 2020. However, we're more than half way to the goal of 1,764 accepted stories. 

There are only a few reasons it's taking a long time rather than 42 of them.

1) When I first launched the anthology, it was also during my master's program (teaching English to speakers of other languages), and add a full time job, so I'd send stories to editors and readers for votes during my breaks from school. Now, I'm in a PhD program, studying Applied Linguistics and researching technology-based motivation for EFL learners. As such, I only have three times a year to send your stories to the voters and email responses which are:

2) Not enough submissions
Go here for the recent call for submissions

3) Submitters are not replying to acceptance emails. 

It's only about 100 or so, but that adds up. Please check your emails. We respond to every submission during the timetable listed above. 

For those of you who have had a lot of patience and waited, thank you very much. 90% of my off time is dedicated to compiling the anthology and reaching the goal. I hope that the goal is reached soon. 

That about covers it. 

Remember to remember,

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  1. An amazing project. Take your time. I'm not going anywhere - there's this thing called a Pandemic goin' on. Gerry in Oregon.