Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Quest to find a literary agent

One time I met a girl who on paper was everything I'd ever 

dreamed of in a match. Then in person, I was bored nearly to

 tears from her because she was awkwardly quiet. 

So when I find an agent who basically describes my book in 

what  they're looking for and I'm told it ultimately wasn't for 

them, I totally get what they're saying and move on. 

And just  because I thought that girl didn't have a 

personality, doesn't mean someone else didn't fall in-love 

with her mute ass. 

Plus, unlike her, my work is fun and enjoyable. Despite the 

fact that I've had a dozen agent rejections now, I know 

someone will fall in-love. Got to keep my head up is all.

That's from my Facebook page

Right now I'm pitching two

 completed novels. 

One's a new adult suspense/thriller. It's

 on the thirteenth draft and has been edited by three pros. 

The manuscript also won a contest. The prize was an actor 

reading an excerpt on Youtube. Here's the first chapter 

The other novel is my grandmother's memoir fused with

 a romance she inspired me to write. 

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