Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Intro

Back when Myspace was popular I had a blog with them called "Ten Things That You Should Know," posting every Monday all for one hundred and thirty-three weeks.
With over 50,000 readers, my Myspace blog under the alias "Devilsthrill" was usually the top 3 blog on the website. A few people swore it made #1 a few times.
An editor for a magazine took bits of the blog and made them part of his monthly column for half of a year.
I got busy and stopped blogging.
Myspace died.
Everyone and their cat suddenly had a blog. I raised my mighty chin and swore off blogging, forever, until I decided to write them again.
Thinking back, I haven't done this sort of thing since 2008: When my writing was unedited, unclean, raw, and unsanitary.
Now I can write and have work to show for it here and there, even at this place, so I am ready to blog, read your blog, and do more blogging. Feel free to say "Hi."
Until next time, remember to remember . . .

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