Friday, November 2, 2018

Project 42 Stories Update

The 42 Stories Project: 42 categories of 42 42-word stories was launched in July 2018. 

Submissions are coming in strong. 

As a reminder, replies will be sent December 2018

There's got to be a reason . . .

A month after the launch, one of the most competitive graduate programs for my major unexpectedly accepted my application and offered me early entry with a partial scholarship. 

Here's a hint to where that online program is located:

Classes started last August and they take most of my time. 

I'm set to graduate December 2019. For now, I will dedicate a few months to the 42 Stories project. 

Replies will be sent:

December 2018

April 2019

August 2019


I will set time here and there to answer emails. 

Please look for updates on the 42 Stories Facebook Page, Instagram, Medium Blog, Duotrope, and Google the 42 Stories Anthology.
We have a full staff, except artists. Please email me if you're interested in doing cover art for each chapter and the front and back of the anthology.

We have about 300 submissions and need a little over triple that (1,764), so please ask your fellow writer friends to send a 42-word story our way. Acceptances rates are high for now

Reminder of rules: Write a 42-word story with a beginning, middle, and end, a 42-character bio, and enter one of the categories below:

  1. Aliens
    2. Apocalyptic

3. Bad or good parent

 4. Bad or good sibling or evil twin

     6. Culture

 7. Crime Fiction

 8. Escape or disaster

      9. Fairy Tale

      10. Fantasy

      11. Fight

      12. Gothic

      13. Horror

      14. Humor

      15. Impairment

      16. Indigenous American

      17. Killer clown

      18. Kidnapped

      19. Monster

      20. Mystery

      21. Mythopoeia 

      22. Noir (nothing before 1970)

      23. Oddball category (example: kid finds a dead body)

      24. Outer space

      25. Paranormal

      26. Paranormal romance

      27. Rock ‘n’ roll 

      28. Romance

      29. Satire

      30. Science fiction

      31. Steampunk

      32. Sword

      33. Sword and Sorcery

      34. Thriller / Suspense

      35. Tragedy

      36. Trapped

      37. Travel story

      38. Vampire

      39. War 

      40. Western

      41. Werewolves

      42. Zombie

email your submission here

Remember to remember,

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