Saturday, January 2, 2021

INDIGENOUS: Call for Submissions


INDIGENOUS writers aren't really well known. I found out about my favorite one, Sherman Alexie, during my creative writing undergraduate days when a professor recommended "The Lone Ranger and Tanto Fistfight in Heaven."

Then I read other like-authors' works and really enjoyed their stories. Many great voices go unknown. Part of my mission for the 42 Stories Anthology was to publish the stories of those who might feel marginalized, so I made the INDIGENOUS and CULTURE categories. 

Maybe you're wondering, "What is INDIGENOUS?" Someone who is native to where they reside. A Japanese person is native to Japan. An Aboriginal resident of Australia counts, too. Any story about people who are first of a nation fit this chapter.  

The INDIGENOUS category needs six stories as of today (April 27, 2022). 

If you want to send an indigenous tale for consideration, simply follow the guidelines: 
1) Label the email subject like correctly. 


Don't email asking "is it sub, SUB, or subs or SUBS?" we aren't that nitpicky.  

2) Use to write a title that's about 42 characters including spaces (40 to 44 is okay)

3) Use the wordcounter to write a 42-word story

4) Use the wordcounter to write a third-person bio in 42 words

5) The anthology's theme is to have 1,764 different writer names in it, so if you send up to 4 works (max accepted from one person), you need to use four names. If one story gets rejected, you can use your nom de plume again to send a new story. 

Paste your submission in the body of your email and make sure the subject line is labeled correctly.

Go here for a list of updated numbers for the anthology.

Send your story through Submittable
or email:

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