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A Blog About Star Wars: The Search for Rey’s Father

FYI: This goes over specific details about Star Wars VII. Don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie.

Reason for writing this blog: I recently saw all of the Star Wars films. 

Know that I’m not a die-hard fan. In fact, I watched 

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens 


because stuntwoman 

Chloe Bruce 
(photo by: this blog)

 was in it and I have a huge . . . um . . . that is she’s an extremely talented individual with whom I admire, so I go out of my way to see her films. Anyway, I apparently needed to view the other Star Wars flicks first because my best pal where I currently reside, Nagoya, Japan, explained, “You have to watch all of them.”

And I must say, wow, worth my time.

Before you read further, WARNING: below could be a huge spoiler for Star Wars VIII. Han Solo’s death didn’t do anything for me because some jerk that writes for Moviepilot decided to reveal Solo’s death two weeks before Star Wars came out and post about it over and over on Facebook. I don’t want to do that to you. Then again, I could be way wrong and the read could be interesting to you—if that’s the case, continue.

After seeing the movie I gave the whole “Who is Rey’s father” question a lot of thought. 

That became a ton of thinking. 

Not a wink of rest for me until after writing this blog because ideas kept forming in my mind and they needed to be written down.

At first, I believed Rey was Luke's daughter due to the plethora of hints in the movie: her putting on that helmet

and looking like Luke

“The force is strong with this one,” the female Yoda (I’ll call Maz Kanata) says in so many words just as in the previous films Luke was told. 

Side note: The Force was strong with Anakin, who passed it down to Luke. So this could simply mean that the Force is strong with Rey because she's Anakin's granddaughter.

Next important clue, in the end, Rey’s holding out Luke’s lost lightsaber as though asking for her father’s approval. 

What child at some point doesn’t do exactly that? Symbolically, she’s saying (or the writers are cueing the audience), “Daddy, look at you. You’re old, out of shape, and missing a hand. No way you’ll be able to save the universe from that snot nosed punk Kylo Ren and co. Pass me the torch already.”

It was also quite beautiful how the last part of the movie was done without words and still spoke volumes. 

If I wasn’t filled with so much manliness, I would’ve been teary-eyed by the heartfelt moment. Both actors, especially Mark Hamill, were on point. But this isn’t about the amazing scene at the end of the movie and its depth.

The number one trick to the audience, (clue), that Rey is Luke’s daughter: R2-D2.

C-3PO says R2-D2 went into rest mode when Luke vanished. 

That tells me the droid is linked to his master. I came to this conclusion because earlier in the film Rey tells Finn BB-8 is linked to his master, Poe, the same way. BB-8 is clearly a different version of R2-D2.

This isn’t to copy Star Wars IV as many suspect, however. Rather hint to the viewer about the connection between R2-D2 and its master so later in the film people paying attention see it. 

Some dudes and dudettes over twenty call all of that hubajuke foreshadowing. 

This came to mind when as soon as Rey was nearby, R2-D2 sensed her and woke up, possibly because she has Luke’s DNA. But I don’t know if Star Wars droids can do that stuff.

Side note: I don't think the new films will be reboots of IV, V, and VI. Rather an example of how history repeats itself. 

Still, I believe all of these clues about Luke being Rey's father may be a bunch of trickery to throw the viewer off. Many have pointed out, “It would be too obvious!”

The part about R2-D2 waking up to Rey, however, would be hard to explain otherwise. Then again, she could be Leia's kid, which would explain the robot sensing a Skywalker nearby and mistaking Rey for Luke. 

Now the theory: There were several, not so obvious, clues that Han Solo was her papa. 

 I spotted many father / daughter moments between them throughout their time together. Subtle ones like when she yanked the wiring out to fix some ship malfunction and Han just grinned at her like a proud father would when their kid did something brilliant. His expression said to me, “She’s as good as I was at that age, okay, better.”

Han Solo is even referenced as a father figure to Rey quite a few times in the movie. Plus in the books (I’ve only read this bit somewhere online), Han and Leia have an evil son and a good daughter: Jacen and Jaina. (source

Jacen becomes Darth Caedus.

Caedes, perhaps the origin of the name, is Latin for murder / assassin. And hasn’t the character lived up to this in killing his father and friends for his cause? Thus, why would the writers not additionally live up to the book in making Rey this Jaina character? 

Then again, Leia and Solo have a third kid. If the plot of the movie was that Ren was Rey’s brother: Wherefore art thou other son, Anakin? 

It’s quite convenient that the character, Jacen, is named Ben in the movie and changed it to Ren—taken from the Knights of Ren [source]. Now there’s a parallel between the names Rey and Ren. Jacen and Jaina. Luke and . . . do I really need to go there?

On to another point that Han is Rey’s father: Rey’s a natural at piloting ships just like Solo. She was also very protective of the little guy: 

Yet, she had this don’t follow me, I don’t care, but I’ll save you anyway attitude, just like Han Solo. 

The two are similarly cocky in charming and charismatic ways as well. 
(I wrote the words. Image)

Her characteristics match his in several other ways, too many to list. But notice, they’re both good with a wide range of weapons, both speak several languages, and both talented at attracting others to them through their nonchalant, relaxed attitudes and happening fighting skills.

Finn watches Rey beat up a group trying to steal BB-8 and he's impressed. Leia has the same reaction to Han in the older films.

Most import clue to me, Rey took over the family legacy in the end of the movie. Chewbacca was very accepting of this, and why wouldn't he be cool with his best friend's daughter taking over the Millennium Falcon?

Apropos to that, (tossed the word in ‘cause it’s fancy), Chewie’s only friend in the world just died and here’s his daughter ready at the helm. No wonder he tried so hard to get everyone out of there after Han’s death. At first glance he seemed driven with rage when he went all Rambo. 

 Then I realized, he was protecting Rey.

Also, I don't think the ship was stolen. Instead, there’s the possibility Han Solo left the Millennium Falcon with Rey after he (I think) left her on the safe planet where no one would find her. 

Rey seemingly had posttraumatic stress after seeing Kylo murder all of those people, thus she had temporary memory loss. Or Leia used the Force to erase Rey’s memory of what happened so her daughter wouldn’t be traumatized from seeing her brother murder all of her childhood friends. 

Note that the audience discovers Leia has the Force when she feels Kylo kill Solo. That’s probably why the movie cut to her reaction a few times. The writers are covering their tracks so later they can say Leia used the Force to erase Rey’s memory. Then later where the movie picks up, Rey doesn’t know the ship was there for her. But I think Han left it to help restore her memory.

Han might have thought she’d feel bonded to the “piece of junk” one day. This way when his daughter was ready to use it, which also activated the tracker he mentioned, Solo could find her easily. This happened immediately in the movie. Interesting how he knew the exact place she'd hide too.

I also think Han said his ship was stolen to throw Rey off. He knew who she was and didn't want to tell her the truth right away. That's why he offered her a job, so to slowly ease her there. Which very much matches his laid back style. He even says to Finn something about women always finding out the truth. Maybe his comment was reflective rather than just being about the moment?

Then there's the hug between Leia and Rey. Kind of like this mother and daughter here:

It's a very long and too detailed of a moment not to mean something. They didn't know each other supposedly and the second they met it's like an embrace between long lost relatives—again a beautiful scene without words. 

Han just died, so telling Rey that she was her mom right then was the worst possible moment. If Leia was the one to erase Rey's memory, she'd know her daughter wouldn't be self-aware yet. Also, the great commander was very busy with a rebellion. The news had to come later.

Last, big secret, I think Ren's going to say something like this, "Rey, I am your brother," in the next film. 

Luke will explain how he was pleased to see his most promising pupil return to him and train Rey like Yoda trained him. 

By the ninth movie, Ren will become . . . okay I'll stop. 

This could all be wrong, but I hope it was fun.

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  1. Interesting theory. I am eager to see where it all goes. I considered her father was Luke, but your theory seems equally likely by your explanation. We shall see!

    1. I wonder if all three are filmed already. The release date for VIII is only one year away. Seems rather soon.

  2. Before anything else, that Chloe Bruce looks amazing <3

    You have an interesting theory here. I've read a few theories online. You're right, it was implied in the movie that Rey could be Luke's kid. Most people (including me) think this is true, while some have the same conclusion as you. I want to see this movie again. I have to wait till the film festival is over (we have all Filipino films in theatre now, Star Wars was aired a week before the festival) to see it again. I read somewhere that the Jacen and Jaina was in the expanded universe but is now considered non-canon. There's just too many theories about her lineage, I can't wait to see the next film next year. NEXT YEAR! I also read a comment saying Leia has a stronger force than Luke, that's like one of the theories indicating Rey's her daughter. Ugh! 2018! We'll see. We need a little distraction to feel time fly. Hehehe

    1. There are a lot of theories. Hopefully, Chloe Bruce remains the stuntwoman.

  3. After I saw SW:TFA I had the same thought: Rey and Ren are siblings. Another piece of evidence is that fraternal twins run in the family, i.e., Luke and Leia. I think Leia deposited Ren on planet Jukka to hide her away from the First Order. No one knew her identity, except possibly the elder Jedi at the beginning of the film played by Max Von Sydow. Perhaps that's he was on that desert planet: To watch over her and Luke's secret location.

    Two other possibilities came to mind: One is that Rey is a cousin to Ren. Anakin might have had a sibling whose line led to Rey. This seems too remote for movie relationships, though. The other possibility is she's Luke's daughter (mother unknown).

    1. Twins? Good catch. He's her evil twin. Hahaha.

  4. I too, thought Rey was Luke's daughter ... but you have an interesting theory about her being Hans daughter ... hmmm...

    1. Who knows? Thanks for taking the time to read.